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“It is not just about putting a roof over your head.
It is also about making room for what you care most about.”

Hello, my name is Stephen and I am a property agent based in Singapore who specialises in real estate and property services. These would include buying a condominium or resale HDB, selling your HDB, upgrading to a condominium and property investments.

If you are seeking a Singapore property agent to help you navigate Singaporeʼs real estate industry or have the interest to read about the journey and experiences of a Singapore property agent, then you are at the right place.

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On paper, I am an accomplished real estate advisor based in Singapore with numerous accolades to my name including being one of the few to be conferred the prestigious 10-year PROPNEX Ambassador Award in 2019. With more than a decade of experience in the Treasury Service under my belt as well, many would say that it is my extensive knowledge in real estate and property that brings the most value to my clients.

A Unique Approach To Real Estate & Property in Singapore

Being a property agent in Singapore’s real estate industry isn’t simply just about putting a roof over your head to me. It is about making room for what you care most about in your life. From buying your very first home, to selling your property or even maximising your property investment in Singapore.

What do you care most about? Connect with me to today and let me help you achieve your real estate and property goals!

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Real Estate Services in Singapore

Throughout my extensive real estate career, I have been awarded numerous accolades. But none gives me greater satisfaction than seeing my clients attain their desired outcomes.

Be it securing their dream homes, upgrading from their current dwelling such as a HDB, condominium or even making a handsome profit off their property investments.

It is my promise that my advice on matters of real estate and property will always remain professional and in your best interest.

Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Over the years, I have assisted many of my clients achieve their real estate and property dreams. Find out more about how I have helped my clients with real estate services such as buying or selling a condo, upgrading from their HDB flats and property investment in Singapore.

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Singapore Property Agent Stephen Yeo “It is not just about putting a roof over your head.It is also about making room for what you care

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