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Find out more about how I have helped my clients with real estate and property management services in Singapore. This goes beyond such as simply buying, selling or upgrading their property, but also on how I have assisted my clients do better with the property that they current own.

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Case Studies

Mr & Mrs Chew

Mr and Mrs Chew were looking for a real estate agent in Singapore and had approached me to sell their 2-room condominium so that they can upgrade to a $1.7 million 3-room condominium. With this condo upgrade, their monthly instalment amount would increase to $4,000/month and require a significant cash top-up.

Can They Do Better?

I tailored an asset progression plan to help them upgrade their property and included another private property to generate passive income.


Now, they are living comfortably in a
$1.7 million 3-room condo and earning passive income
from a private property
worth $800k.

All of this was achieved with less cash top-up and provides them the option to sell their second property for profit in the future.

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